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Billingham United Football Club COVID-19 FAQ’s

Before Training


I’ve just been told that we’ve been in contact with someone with Covid – 19, can my child still come to training?

Your child will not be able to come to training and must follow the government guidelines using the test and trace system.

My child normally joins in with their brother/sisters training session. Can they still do this?

No, only the children that train and play football in the team can train. 

My child is worried about coming to training even though I want them to. What should I do?

We would advise that your child does not come to training if they don’t want to. Perhaps a talk with their team volunteer could help.

My child usually gets a lift to training with a team mate in their car. I sometimes come along too. Can I still do this?

We ask that only those that live in the same household can travel together which follows government guidelines.

My child is comes to training on their bike. Can they still do this?

Yes, they can still bike to training but must store the bike safely and securely at the bike stands whilst social distancing from other people.

My child has just been diagnosed with an illness. What should I do?

The manager and/or coach should be made aware as soon as possible and the coach will decide whether or not they should attend training.

My child normally brings their own keeper gloves to football. Can they still do this?

There will be no keeper related training that uses hands as children are not able to handle the footballs. All children will be using individual ball work with their feet and also fitness training.

Me and another member of my household or bubble normally watch my child at training. Can we still do this?

Unfortunately, only 1 of the parent/carer who is the primary care giver for your child can stay at training.

During Training


Do parents/carers of the children at training need to stay with their child?

Yes. All parents/carers need to stay with their child in the parent’s social distancing area, on the grass away from the astro turf pitches. 

My child’s team train on a rota. I’ve turned up to training on the wrong day. They have 5 children in training already. Are they OK to join in just this one time?

No because the rules for training are 5 children plus a coach for the allocated space that we have for each team.

Where will parents/carers need to stand?

Parents/carers must stand at the government recommended social distance on the grass outside of the astro turf pitches where the children train. All parents must be in constant sight of their own child. 

I usually buy my child a Lucozade from the machine and some sweets. Can I still do this?

No. SRC Sports Centre is only open for emergency reasons, this includes special toilet trips for some club members and children. It is incredibly important that children go to the toilet at home before training. 

Will the children play matches?

No. Due to the pandemic and the guidelines around children using football equipment, there will be no use for pop up goals or other goals. 

Whose responsibility is it to care for my child when they are training?

Ultimately, it is the parent’s responsibility to be responsible for the child and the coach will support to do that. 

Can my child take a water bottle to training with them?

Yes. All water bottles must be clearly marked with the name of the child and kept at a drinks station which keeps a social distance from other player’s whey they have a drink.

Can I still bring my other children to training to watch their brother/Sister play?

Due to the social distancing regulations other children are not permitted to attend their siblings/relatives/friends training session, even when with an appropriate adult. 

I’ve changed my telephone number, is this important to tell my child’s coach?

Yes. There may be a time when we need to contact parents about any risks posed to their child before or after training. This is also a crucial ask for the Test and Trace service. 

If I get told by the coach or another parent that my child has symptoms whilst at training, what should I do?

If a child develops a high temperature, a continuous cough or a loss or change to their sense of smell or taste they will be supported by a club volunteer and parents will then take over the care of their child. Contact between the team volunteer and parent/carer will happen and any outcome of the child’s illness relating to Covid – 19 will be reported and government guidelines will be followed.

If my child pretends to have Covid – 19 and sneezes intentionally or cuddles another child intentionally, what would happen?

It goes without saying that children must absolutely behave sensibly and understand the importance of the pandemic. This as there this would not be tolerated when a child knowingly and intentionally behaves in this way. The child would be need to leave the session and a discussion with a team volunteer and parent/carer would need to happen to look to resolve this matter in a safe way.

After training


If my child says that they feel unwell after training with Covid – 19 symptoms what should I do?

Government guidelines should be followed and the team volunteer should be contacted so that they are aware. The team volunteer will then notify the Executive Committee who will then escalate the situation to a Covid – 19 response using government guidelines.

When training has finished I normally speak to some of the parents in the car park for a catch up, can I still do this?

As much as we would like families to speak to each other after a long time away from football, it’s not possible to hang around the facility at the end of training. All parents/carers must exit the car park quickly and sensibly to reduce the number of potential contacts on a confined space.